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"I was at a point in my life where I didn't even want to go home after work. It was like walking on eggshells. I loved my wife but everything I tried failed. I didn't want a divorce so I looked for some help. I found it. Grace helped me figure out how to talk to my wife again, how to have fun again, and best of all, how to draw out the girl I fell in love with! It's like when we first met again but better because we've both got some experience under our belts."

Paul B.

"Grace is an incredible Life Coach and has helped me in all areas of my life, including setting healthy boundaries and regaining my inner empowerment. This was particularly difficult for me to conquer and talk about but I felt supported and cheered on to move forward. I appreciate her compassion and empathetic nature to listen without judgement while providing useful feedback. I also like that she prompts a "take away" of what you feel you gained after a session. Grace is clear, precise, and really holds a safe space. I would recommend her services to anyone who feels stuck and needs an extra push to reach your goals. Thank you for your help, Grace!"

Natalie M.

"The word that comes up for me is ACTION.  Struggling through a few difficulties in my life both personally and professionally.  We often know that we need to do something but it is not always clear what we need to do. Grace guided me to complete clarity and then helped to create the action plan to get me moving.  I have worked with various coaches in the past but never have I written a review because never before have I seen such positive results from a coach. Grace listened to what I had to say, pointed out my missing pieces, motivated me through the difficulties and now I am about to get exactly what I want.  Thank you Grace"

Karen C.

"I met Grace two months ago. Since then, I have gotten to know her as a person. She is a very good life coach. She accepts my way of doing things, giving me suggestions on how to improve on 'my way'. Her suggestions on how to deal with life and the problematic people in mine really work.

Having Grace in all the different roles in my life has really enriched it. She is generous with her time and her advice. With all the people in the world who care only about what we pay them, Grace is a reaffirmation of the goodness in humanity."

Jaqueline S.

"I was fighting with my husband constantly. It was like year 6 hit and he became someone I didn't know. He stayed at work late and whenever he was home it seemed like he lost any interest in being a part of the family. It was horrible and I felt like a failure. A friend recommended Grace and I figured I had nothing to lose so I called her. 

We started by determining what I wanted to get out of coaching and then dove right in. After the first session, I already had a couple of tools to begin talking to my husband. After the third and fourth session, he was joining us at family gatherings, talking at dinner, and wants to be around me. I had always thought that it was normal to lose that spark and fun in your marriage. Now I know I don't have to see my connection to my husband fade away. We can change the way things are if we're willing to seek solutions. Thanks, Grace!"

Margaret P.

"My marriage was tanking - fast. My wife had no interest in sex anymore and it seemed like we fought constantly. It wasn't even arguments about big crap... it was the little things that were bleeding us out slowly. I really thought our relationship was unsalvagable. 

I heard about Grace's coaching from a friend and thought, "What the hell? Try it." She was able to get to the heart of our fights and help us learn how to manage them better and find that win-win place. We worked on ways to spice up our sex life and create more fun and laughter. Things are going pretty good now and I'm happy to recommend Getting Zen!"

Marc B.

"Grace has been an invaluable resource in navigating my personal development and life transitions these past few months. She is a great listener, works WITH you to meet your own goals, is very easy to talk to, and just gets it! At the end of every session, she gives me easy tools to implement right then and there to start taking steps toward my goals. I feel heard and like I have more clarity on what I need to do after our sessions. I'm really glad I found her Overall, great communication, quality sessions, and is very professional."

Nisha S.

"After my first session with Grace, we established an immediate game plan for my new career. We talked for an hour discussing things that were challenging me and coming up with immediate solutions. After our talk, I felt super motivated and mentally energetic instead of lost and directionless. It's such a great feeling seeing how much I'm accomplishing in such a short time. When I look back I see how life enhancing the benefits of coaching with Grace has been. She is a true professional in every way and have no doubt she will be able to help you on your way to finding the life you want."

Cindy M.

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