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Get Zen Sounds ~ Therapeutic Sound Baths


Want to enjoy some easy relaxation? Find your happy place? Balance your inner being with some cool vibrations?


Come join me monthly in Valley Village for a Friday night sound bath! 

Bring your yoga mat, a blanket, and/or pillow if you like to snuggle down. 


Every sound bath will begin with a guided meditation. 

Contact me to get on the email list for all sound baths!


Across the centuries, the gong and singing bowl have been known for their intense transformational properties. The sound vibrations of the gong and singing bowl can help reset our nervous system and promote healing within the body. The gongs typically induce a deep meditative and healing state while the crystal singing bowls carry the participants to and from this state.


Sound baths are also referred to as “sound meditation,” or “sound therapy.” It is an immersive experience where a practitioner plays musical instruments as participants lie on the ground to receive the sound waves. Attendees typically bring their own yoga mats, and maybe a pillow or blanket. A good practitioner will help participants relax into a meditative state by explaining the process and possibly beginning with a guided meditation.


Every sound bath is unique in that the practitioner plays their instruments differently depending on the venue and the group. Most sound bath instruments include gongs, crystal singing bowls, Koshi chimes, tingshas, and ocean wave drums.

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