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Dream Outcomes

You are here for a reason. You are here because despite the struggle and conflict, the grief and anxiety, or the same daily boring routine - you know it can change. - you WANT something different and just need a little support to kickstart the process. 

The Problems

You're tired of feeling that gnawing anxiety, the chronic tension that seems to always be just lying under the surface of most of your days. Our world is under more stress now than ever in its history. Constantly striving for perfection and success can make you feel like your life is slowly draining away.

You miss the person you fell in love with. The days seem filled with boring repetition and you wonder what the point of it all is. Instead of looking forward to coming home, you dread it. Where is that girl you fell in love with, that man who made you feel loved and cherished, that partner whose eyes crinkled up with happiness when you walked into the room?

You've taken the steps to exit an unhealthy relationship. You finally decided to listen to your inner knowing and move on after having given everything you have to make it work. And yet, you're experiencing deep sorrow and grief, tremendous loss, and the feeling that it will never fade or heal. You find yourself ruminating on the past, seeking answers to fix your broken heart, and relief from seemingly unending sadness and second-guessing your decision.


Does each day lack excitement? Are you stuck in a boring rut? Do you rarely go out anymore and just have fun? Inside you is someone who is resilient, positive, upbeat, and capable of finding joy in life. You just need someone to help you define your own magnificence and remember who you are.

I can help you.

This is about what else is possible.

Let me share with you what you will regain working with me.

Intimate Connection

Connecting on an intimate level CAN be learned. Together we will unravel the stories that are interfering with connecting with your partner. We will create new ways to communicate your truths so you feel heard. I can help you relearn how to be playful, and how to develop fondness and appreciation for your loved one. We will break down how to repair after a fight. All it takes is a willingness on your part to invest in your own growth and a desire to show up authentically. 

Image by Yohann LIBOT

Dealing with Loss

Have you ended a long-term relationship? Does it feel like it never fades? Are you wondering how long it will take to heal? 

I have the answers you seek. Grieving the loss of love, even when the relationship was unhealthy is a process. I can walk you through it. It does fade... you do heal... you just need guidance and understanding.

A Return to Fun!

Do you feel like you woke up one day and the excitement and fun had simply drained away? Are you missing that guy or gal who looked forward to each day? Who doesn't want to laugh and play? I can help you relieve your anxiety and relearn resiliency. You'll be able to set goals and then achieve them. All you need is some guidance to get you back on track. Piece of cake, easy as pie... or as I like to say, "Cake and Pie!"

Image by Jared Sluyter
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