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Get the respect you deserve...
Reconnect with your kid...
Feel good about being a parent!

Life would be so much easier if kids came with manuals.


How would you like to be able to talk to your teen and have them actually listen without rolling their eyes?  Would you like to have chores done in a timely fashion? How about ending the fights over what foods they eat, the clothes they wear, or the friends they choose? 

It's possible and it won't cost a fortune or take tons of time!

Do you want to know what your teen is thinking?

I know what it's like to look at my kid and realize I have no idea what they're thinking or how to break through that wall of silence. 

Some of us think our kids are supposed to pull away from us once they hit the teen years.


You can hold onto your connection with your kids as they become young adults with the right tools.

I can give you those tools.

Teen Gazing

Photo from Wix

Boy Raising Hand

Photo from Wix

Do you know the difference between a request, a boundary, and an ultimatum?

Quite often as parents, we struggle to get our kids to do as we ask. We make a request and then we get mad when they ignore us. It feels disrespectful, right? 


There are subtle distinctions between requests, boundaries, and ultimatums and I can help you get your needs met as a parent without all the arguing.

I can teach you how to make a request, set a boundary and hold it with ease.

Are your young ones ruling the roost?!

Do you feel like you're repeating yourself endlessly? Does your child refuse to get dressed on time for school? Do you feel like you're a full-time personal chef and/or maid? 

You're not alone.

Each child is different, and every family has its own particular daily routines and dynamic. What most parents need is someone who understands their struggles and can help them regain control. 

I have the tools you need and it won't take long. 


Photo by Tetbirt Salim on Unsplash


Photo by Leo Rivas on Unsplash

Are you worried about your child's ability to make friends and socialize?

Does your child seem introverted and withdrawn? Are you concerned that they have no friends and are struggling socially? Do you feel at a loss as to how to help your child?

I have solutions.

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