I've taken huge risks and giant leaps of faith on my journey through life; from surviving brain surgery as a teenager to receiving a scholarship at a leading dance academy in New York City where I moved to at the tender age of 21 with $600 in my pocket and no job. 


I then moved to California where I found my path into the wellness industry through training in Reiki Mastery and Massage Therapy. This led me to a career managing and coaching a team of over 60 massage therapists for a well-known luxury spa. With over 20 years and 1000+ hours of schooling in the health and wellness industry, I have extensive training in leadership, personal accountability, discovering and developing character strengths, and compassionate communication. I have developed a unique ability to unwrap the stories that block your journey, get to the heart of an issue quickly, create a safe space in which to shine a light on it, and help you see what else is possible. I'm an expert at finding your own unique method of communication and language of love.

Working with me will open up new ways to communicate with your loved one, come out of an argument more closely connected, and reignite a lackluster sex life. Intimacy CAN be learned! It doesn't have to take years of therapy to effect a change for the better. I have many tools, techniques, and exercises at my disposal which my clients use to see immediate results in their love life as well as their other relationships. 

No more coming home from work and dreading what you might find there. No more walking on eggshells hoping for appreciation and then being disappointed. No more fearing the next fight and how to avoid it. I can help you become the relational rock star you've always wanted to be! 

Do you want your sex life to be more exciting? Do you prefer vanilla or chocolate or something in between? Would you like to have your partner desiring you again the way they used to or even more so?! Are you ready to explore what you both really want and need utilizing newfound communication skills that create a safe, secure environment? I can teach you how to negotiate equitably with your partner in a way that finally allows you both to see and hear each other without judgment. 

For fun and downtime, I enjoy writing and storytelling about the vagaries of daily life with an eye toward the lighter side of things and shooting my bow in the back canyons while hawks play on updrafts.